Training & Support

I have been in prison for twenty-one years and have done a lot of courses this has got to have been the best I have been on. I was surprised how much I learned on this course.

Blagg! is an offence focused drama workshop that looks at the experiences and offending of a fictional group member, Jo Blagg. Using cognitive behavioural theory as a model, the project covers many issues including: cause and consequence of offending, decision making, victim empathy, practical problem solving, perspective taking etc. It is designed so that non-drama specialists can facilitate the programme. TiPP regularly train staff to deliver Blagg! and it is now used by over thirty agencies
working with young people at risk of offending.

TiPP can train staff to run Blagg! in a two to three day training event. As part of the training, staff experience the whole Blagg! process as well as having opportunities to ask questions about how different techniques are being used. Through this training, staff teams are equipped to run and manage their own delivery of Blagg! either as part of group work or in a one to one setting.