music at the university of manchester

Undergraduate teaching in participatory music practice.


Since 2014 TiPP have been teaching a level three course for the music department at the University of Manchester. 

The module, entitled Participatory Music in Theory and Practice aims to introduce students to the basic principles of participatory practice and to expose them to some of the practical applications in which music can be used. 

The unit provides a theoretical grounding in key areas such as group process, behaviour management and ethical practice as well as having highly skilled and well respected practitioners sharing their expertise and insight from their work in a range a settings providing practical experiences and first hand insights for students.



The weekly sessions are designed to challenge as well as inform and students have rated it one of the best modules within the department. Students have gone on to work with us as well as within other related organisations and settings as well as going on to further study in community music. 

Summer Arts College music workshop.

Summer Arts College music workshop.