TiPP Timeline

Key Projects and Developments.


TiPP was dreamed up in 1991 by James Thompson and Paul Heritage. Originally a part of the University of Manchester’s Department of Drama, the Centre provided a wide range of services – project development, training, advice and information as well as working to raise the profile of theatre work with people who had offended by undertaking research and publishing books and articles about arts initiatives in the criminal justice system. In the years since 1991 we have developed a considerable reputation for delivering high quality participatory arts projects with a wide range of groups


In 1999 we began to diversify the range of art forms that we employed in our work, adding music, then film, animation, visual art, sculpture and photography.  Music has played an increasingly important role in our portfolio and in 2014 we appointed a Director to develop our music programmes.

In recent years we have extended the reach of our project work and have developed community based diversionary projects and schemes for people living at the margins of society. 

The timeline below will provides an overview of our history and shows how our work has grown and developed since the nineties. 

Theatre residency rehearsal, HMP Perth